Paul Fisher

Following his appointment as Head teacher of Oakridge Primary School in Stafford, Paul moved the school from a satisfactory rating to ‘outstanding’ in 2006. This was retained in July 2014. The school’s results have been consistently in the top 100 performing schools in the country and have twice been in the top ten. Paul has been deployed by the LA as an advisory head teacher supporting newly appointed head teachers and is regarded as “an inspirational speaker” – having spoken at over twenty leadership conferences across the country. He is the Chairperson of the Stafford Primary Heads association – ensuring that the self-improving school system is effective in developing both leadership and learning across the primary sector within Stafford; a Performance Management assessor for Headteachers and is on the steering group for the school direct programme with Staffordshire University.

Paul has been key to the success of the NPQH programme with over 120 on the programme this year. As an exemplary headteacher and an advanced facilitator he has written and presented the NPQH for the Leadership Academy for the past five years, including leading leadership training in Hong Kong. For the past two years Paul has been seconded for two days a week to The Leadership Academy to oversee the NPQH programme. He has ensured the programme remains cutting edge, impactful and research led and regularly hosts participants at his school modelling good practice and supporting their school based projects.


Workshop: Developing Your Strategy and Shaping your Direction

“Strategic Vision is leading with inspiration and courage, being obsessed with future possibility and in a love affair with change.” Paul Fisher

Leaders in improving schools, diagnose individual and organisational needs and place the needs of pupils first. They then select improvement strategies in well-thought-out combinations and sequences so that these reinforce and support each other.

This workshop explores the strong link between setting the direction and restructuring the organisation, and between re-culturing the organisation and improving school conditions.

For leaders at all levels, across all phases – this workshop will focus on School Strategy and Improvement and how you can set your vision and embrace change.

Paul Fisher