Megan Dixon

Megan Dixon is the Director of Literacy for a small multi-academy trust based in the North West and also works for the Aspirer Teaching Alliance. She is a specialist literacy teacher and trainer, with expertise in teaching children who find it hardest to learn. Megan is fascinated by how we can transfer research evidence into effective classroom practice. She is often found reading research and working with researchers to develop practical strategies to transfer their work into teaching and learning. She is always involved in at least one research trial.


Megan’s workshop will be on ‘Evidence Based Practice and Using Research to Inform Teaching and Learning’.

Why? What? How? And how do you know?

This workshop will explore the idea of evidence based practice and how we can use research to develop teaching and learning in the classroom. Drawing on Literacy and Numeracy EEF Guidance materials, the EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit and the DIY toolkit, the workshop will touch on why we should use research, what we need to consider when we do, how we might being to develop evidence informed practice and know it is actually having the impact we hope it might be.

This workshop will be of interest to all teachers who are interested in exploring the wealth of educational research available and applying it to their teaching and learning.

Megan Dixon